Thank You

The Crows Woods Gardeners wish to acknowledge and thank Carl’s Haddonfield Service for repairing the tires on the wheel barrows -- free of charge. Carl’s is the Sunoco Station located on North Haddon Avenue, Haddonfield. Thank you to Maureen Gariano and to Don Neely for their year-long creative partnership in producing the Crows Woods Gardeners’ Newsletter and to Stephen Crawford for producing our Web site.

President's Letter

Kathi Stoke gives us some tips and instructions for the end-of-year cleanup.

You Can Create Weed Free Paths

Learn about a procedure that will achieve low-maintenance and weed-free paths that should remain so with little additional effort.

Paul Eckman’s Lasagna Recipe Garden - Has it worked?

Paul started his garden lasagna recipe last fall. Read how the dish is cooking.

Joining together toward a herbicide-free community garden

While there is substantial evidence that many herbicides harm humans, considerable controversy regarding the use of Roundup continues to percolate within our gardening community. Learn about the impacts of herbicides.